30 Years Ago Tonight…

30 years ago tonight, on October 15, 1984, the Born in the USA tour rolled into Vancouver and my musical landscape was forever changed as I saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band live for the first time.

From my centre section, row 14 on the floor seat at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC, it was like nothing I had ever seen before, and to this day, no one IMO puts on a show like Springsteen. Twenty-four shows later, from Vancouver to New Jersey, Buffalo to LA, including two surprise appearances at Light of Day, I’m grateful for the music and especially grateful for the friends I’ve made along the way.

Until the next tour, “no retreat baby, no surrender”. #BiTUSA30 #Brucebuds #EStreetNation #NFS


Sad Anniversaries

A year ago this week, my family was rocked with the news that my oldest brother Andy had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. While it sometimes felt like the longest year, the shock of it all still resonates like it was yesterday.

I’d be lying if I said the pain had subsided because it hasn’t, but with each new day, you learn to cope a little better, and in the end, you hope that the memories, the good, fun, silly memories, will surpass the sadness. I hope and pray that my mom continues to be the strong woman she always has been even though no parent, at any age, should ever have to say goodbye to their child; there’s a sadness that I’m afraid probably will never go away for her. I hope and pray that my brother Peter, after time, will be able to erase the images that I know remain. I especially hope and pray that his daughters continue to pursue their dreams in the face of all their sadness; in the past year, one has graduated from University while the other received her Masters Degree and as each milestone passes, I know he is proudly smiling down at them.

How I wish I could turn back the clock to August 4, 2013. You’re missing, Andy. Everyday.

30 Years Ago Today – Bruce Springsteen Released Born in the USA


30 “years burning down the road” and the album that changed my musical landscape was released.

While not the best album in his catalogue, Springsteen’s Born in the USA was certainly his most commercially successful one, and it opened up my eyes and ears to his earlier work and led me on a wild ride that thankfully shows no signs of stopping. His music makes me think, inspires me when I seem to need it the most, and has gifted me with friendships that I can’t imagine being without. For that I will be forever grateful and forever a fan. 

“I’m ready to grow young again.”  ~ No Surrender



My Forever Friend – Lisa van Steen

We “met” through a Bon Jovi fan club (WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!?) but bonded over Bruce, and I will always consider you my forever friend and sister from another mother. I will keep you, your girls, your family & friends, and your fur babies in my thoughts as you begin your journey to rest with the angels. May any pain and sadness you take with you be replaced with the joy and peace you so richly deserved. I will miss your sarcasm and quick wit more than I can say. 

This is YOUR song and it will always remind me of our friendship and the strength you had (even if you didn’t believe in that strength yourself). 

RIP my beautiful “caterpillar” friend. Love you bunches. xo

2013, Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya…

Thoughts turn bittersweet as I bid adieu to 2013. While a new year brings new hopes and dreams to be realized, 2013 had its share of challenges and an unthinkable loss that will forever linger.

My wish for all of you, especially my family and closest friends, is to love more, laugh harder, live better and take care of each other cuz this ain’t no dress rehearsal. 

Happy 2014 from the West Coast. I’ll get the lights. ❤


A Different Christmas This Year

It’s a different Christmas this year for me and my family. It’s the first one since my oldest brother Andy passed away, and learning to navigate all the traditions and things that we’re used to doing has been an ongoing process.

But the smiles are still important, even more so. The joy of hearing my nephew’s giggles, the surprise in everyone’s eyes as they open their gifts, sitting down at the dinner table on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day to enjoy all my mom’s hard work, then hearing her sigh and finally be able to relax when it’s over. It’s all different this year, but these are traditions that I’ve known all my life and familiarity at this time seems so important.

So while things may be different and forever changed for us, I can’t think of a better way to start the festivities than by wishing all of you who grace my life everyday the very best for a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. Please be good to each other.

Merry Ho Ho!

Thanksgiving 2013


Despite recent circumstances that had me questioning the idea of a happy thanksgiving,  there is still much to be grateful and thankful for; to quote my nieces and nephew: 

 “Care deeply, Work with joy, Live with love, Cherish the moments, Dream from your heart.”

 Words to live by.  ❤  

 Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian pals…and to all of you who share your lives with me everyday, thank you.  

Life Just Sucks Sometimes

Life isn’t always fair or right or just and it often doesn’t make sense. Asking why just leads to more questions than answers, and the answers you do get are often never the answers you really want anyway.

The past week has been a very difficult one for my family – my oldest brother Andy passed away, of what we still don’t know for certain yet, and exactly when we don’t know either. Answers I suppose, will come soon enough, but they won’t change the fact that he’s gone, nor will it change the fact that my mom lost her son, my brother Peter and I lost our oldest brother, my sis-in-law and nieces and nephew lost their brother-in-law and Uncle, and most importantly, that his daughters lost their dad while they were continents away. To those of you who I shared the news with once I heard, your thoughts and prayers and support are forever appreciated. Thank you for respecting my wishes of keeping it to yourselves while we waited for my 13 year old niece to get home from Hawaii (she didn’t need to hear about her Uncle via social media first and she won’t be seeing this message for a while, so she can have a little time to absorb the news). As well, Andy’s girls didn’t need to be burdened with questions especially since they’re still so far away on vacation in South Africa.

As many people who know me know, I’m a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and have traveled far and near to see his concerts. Well, I took my brother Andy to see Bruce Springsteen in concert twice; the first time was during the solo Devils and Dust tour in 2005 and while he enjoyed it, he said afterwards that he’d really like to see a full E-Street Band show, so three years later, when Bruce returned to Vancouver with the band for the Magic tour, I took him again. The one song he wanted to hear most of all was The River. I’m so happy that he got his wish that night.

So, if you’re so inclined, as you listen to that performance of The River, please think of your family; if you have siblings nearby hug them, if they’re far away, give them a call. Life is too damn short to wait until tomorrow. ♥


Springsteen – Los Angeles Night 2…or as I like to call it: “Fucking Elbows on the Stage Night”!

So far my week of California Springsteen shows had been fantastic. Didn’t make the pit in San Jose, but had a perfect spot right in front of the soundboard. Great show, great crowd, well except for the Stevie Nicks wannabe doing her interpretive dance right in front of me for much of the night (why do all the hair flickers seem to find me?). And really, you can never go wrong with the sexy trifecta of Something in the Night, Candy’s Room and She’s the One. Bam!

LA Night 1 had me in Loge 3…great people around me and it was fun to watch the crowd on the floor during the show, which seemed a little less energetic than San Jose (possibly owing to Springsteen’s Aunt having just passed away the night before, who knows); regardless, the crowd certainly didn’t lack for enthusiasm.

Had GA’s again for LA Night 2 and we had decided that we would get to the arena around 3:30pm this time (calling it our “strategy”, of course, knowing full well that it’s all just a crapshoot), but LA traffic had other plans for us and even though we left for the arena in what we thought was plenty of time, we miscalculated LA traffic and began to panic as we got stuck on the freeway. The decision was made to take an early exit off the freeway to try the surface streets but we were still worried about missing the wristband giveaway, especially when the road we had to be on ended up being closed closer to the arena. Finally after much hand wringing and a few choice words, we got to the arena at about 3:50pm or so to collect our wristbands – 888, 889 and 890 (all those 8’s had to be lucky, right?). 😉


4:30pm rolls around and they start corralling us into lines for the lottery draw…and the winning number is 877. HOLY SHIT! That means I’m 13th going in and I’m screaming like a little school girl to no one in particular. I’ve made the pit before but never been let in THAT early. They took us down in small groups once we got our second wristbands (the coveted pit band), and once we were on the floor, I couldn’t believe that the front of the center catwalk was still clear, so that’s where I headed and that’s where I stayed for the rest of the night.

I took a pic before the show because I still couldn’t believe I was finally elbows on the stage:

The butterflies had calmed down at this point as I settled into my center spot, when Bruce suddenly appears (an hour before show time) with a group of people, giving what looks to be a tour of the stage. He tells us these are his relatives (and newest members of the E Street Band LOL), grabs an acoustic guitar to strum, poses for a picture with the group (after unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to take a picture himself), then shoos them offstage and PROCEEDS TO PLAY “FOR YOU” on the acoustic guitar to a half empty arena.

The guy is now his own opening act! 😉

I have no idea why I didn’t grab my camera; at this point I think I was just so stunned about what was happening, but at least I took a quick pic with my iPhone. I posted it up on Facebook and Twitter and then just focussed on the rest of the impromptu performance…”see you in a little while” he said, when it was over.  At this point my phone is blowing up with texts and tweets and FB messages and the butterflies are back. Lo and behold, who has re-tweeted my photo & comment but the official twitter account of Bruce Springsteen (you bet I’m taking a screenshot of that):

Being retweeted by Bruce Springsteen

Right after he left the stage, I had to lean over to a guy we had met in line (he and his buddy were also from Vancouver) and say “what the hell just happened here”? LOL

The show starts late, but for the next 3 hours I am transfixed and soaking it all in. A music critic I am not so I won’t get into dissecting the show except to say that it was fucking awesome! I was sweated on, sung to, had my fingers stepped on, got to grab a little (oh okay, a lot of) ass, helped deposit him back onto the stage during crowd surfing time (in what I can only describe as the PERFECT dismount) and get high-fived for it by him after that, got kneeled right in front of and strummed THE guitar during Born to Run for what seemed like the longest time.

Did I mention being kneeled in front of?
(Photo courtesy of Joanne Blum Jackson.)

I haven’t been able to wipe this shit-eating grin from my face ever since. Show number 17 is in the books and I will never forget it.

There really are no words except thank you Bruce Springsteen for a kick-ass show and by far the best concert experience of my life. All I now wanna know is, why the hell isn’t it September 22nd and my next show already (which moving forward will now be referred to as my birthday show)?!? 😉

Oh and THANK YOU LA traffic, cuz without you being hell on wheels we would not have made the pit!

Here are some pics from that magical night:

Here’s a link to all of my LA 2 photos, if you feel like checking the rest out:


Here are photos from LA Night 1:


And just a few from San Jose:


A note to all those a-holes who have labeled the Sedin’s, the “Sisters”…

To all the idiots who have labeled the Sedin’s “the Sisters”.  

Take a look at the hit Henrik took last night from Dustin Brown, take a look at his head hitting the ice, take a look at how shaky he looks trying to get up to the bench and then take a look at him shaking it off, coming back into the game after going off ice briefly and putting in a non-stop 3 minute 21 second shift right after.

Listen to him after the game not complaining and saying it was a clean hit. Those are the Sedin’s; they’re a lot tougher than people give them credit for and a lot tougher then the majority of asshole fans who taunt them day in and day out and call them Sisters.

I’d rather have them on my team then a Crosby.