Thanks Trevor…

I remember vividly the day the Canucks drafted Trevor Linden back in 1988. I was working in the front office and the top 3 draft prospects were brought in for interviews and medicals prior to draft day. I was immediately impressed with Linden, his poise, maturity; he was such a polite, grounded kid. Modano’s attitude rubbed me the wrong way and secretly I hoped we would draft Linden.

On draft day, front office staff were invited to the press room to watch the draft. If I recall correctly, I was was sitting next to Brook Ward, a young sports announcer with CJOR I believe, who leaned over and asked me who I thought would be drafted (as if as the receptionist I would know 😉). I told him I knew who I hoped would be drafted but kept it to myself, I mean really, who cared what I thought. 🤷🏻‍♀️ As soon as Modano was picked 1st overall, a big smile came over my face. I knew Trevor was ours and I was thrilled.

Trevor bled blue, green and white (the yellow, red and black is just a mirage to me lol) and when we traded him after bringing in Messier and Keenan, I was pissed (moreso because of why and how Skeletor came to be a Canuck…and that grudge has lasted to this day). Linden would return and retire as a player with the Canucks and eventually became part of the management team.

While I wasn’t surprised to hear the news today, it was still sad to hear that he would be leaving the Canucks…again. I’ll never forget his grit in the ‘94 Stanley Cup Finals and, to me, #16 will always be Captain Canuck.

Classy to the end. Thanks for everything, Trevor. #Linden #CaptainCanuck


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