Thank You Sedins

What a magical night.

Even if you were the best Hollywood writer, I don’t think you could have scripted this game, this night or outcome any better. #22 Daniel scoring twice, the first, his 22nd of the season, at 33 seconds into the 2nd period and the OT winner, both assisted by #33 Henrik. Final face-off stats in the game 33-22 in favour of the Canucks. That’s some magical twin juju right there!

People outside of Vancouver/BC will never understand what the Sedins mean to this city or fan base. Those that say they’re soft, not tough enough or call them “sisters” have never had the privilege of watching them play regularly like Canucks fans have; if they had, they would have known/seen quite the opposite. And not for nothing, but calling them “sisters” says more about the character (lack thereof) and inadequacies of the person saying it than the intent of the insult ever could.

Being in the building last night…it was celebratory and emotional and FUN! A rollercoaster of emotions that perfectly illustrates the love affair Vancouver has with the Sedins and they with us. Each ovation got louder and more sustained as the night went on, culminating in that final skate around the rink before they stepped off home ice one last time.

Saturday’s final game in Edmonton, to me, seems anti-climactic, but I will be watching and cheering them on just as fiercely. I’m sure more tears will be shed.

As a fan since 1970, the Canucks losing the Cup in 2011 still haunts me, but last night, being in the building watching the night unfold, the regret/sadness now is more that Daniel and Henrik won’t have the opportunity to raise the Cup. They gave us everything we could have asked for and more, and I don’t think I can adequately express just how much I appreciate all that they have done for this team and city.

As a Canucks fan since the beginning, it has been an honour to watch them play.



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