Now is precisely the time for this conversation…

I know nothing about guns, I’ve never held one, I don’t plan on ever holding or shooting one. I live in a country that doesn’t have such a fixation or fascination with guns or such a blinding devotion to them that it would circle the wagons under a rallying crying of prying a gun “from my cold, dead hands”. I don’t get the fascination, or the desire to own one, but I don’t begrudge anyone who may have one for protection.

But high-powered automatic weapons…that’s a different animal. Law enforcement, military, that’s one thing. But no civilian should own a high-powered, automatic weapon, nor should they be allowed to own one…and certainly no civilian should be allowed to get one without a thorough and lengthy background/psychological check and restriction on ammunition. Yes, the bad guys will find a way probably, but they don’t need to be handed one on a silver platter.

To those who say “it’s too soon for this conversation” after such a tragic and horrific event like last night in Vegas, I ask, when is the right time? It doesn’t appear to have been when 20 innocent, little kids were attacked. It wasn’t when 49 souls lost their lives in Florida, simply for being different, for being who they are, or when churches were being shot up. Wake up America. You’re better than this, you’re better than being dictated to by a gun lobby and an antiquated 2nd amendment. You’re just better.

Or at least you were.

Please, start that conversation NOW.



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