With you every step of the way…

I had headed out to make my way to the Women’s March on Washington-Vancouver…didn’t realize that I didn’t have my transit pass until the bus pulled up (what dolt!); came back to get the pass and stomach started acting up (and I would have been late to the rally anyway) so regrettably, I won’t be participating in Vancouver’s march today.


But I’m with my pals in solidarity in California, Boston, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Morocco and elsewhere who are, simply put, standing up for basic human rights and who don’t want to see their country or this world take a step back because of misogyny, racism, horrible legislation, a basic lack of human empathy or social status.

While I’m loathe to give Donald Trump credit for anything, he looks to have been a catalyst to awaken the beast in many of us (in my 53 years of existence on this planet, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never really thought about participating in marches and rallies before), and I will support my friends south of the border and will continue to help them to get their voices heard, and will do the same here should Canada ever head in a similar direction or greatly disappoint me.

March proudly ladies (and gents)…and know that I am with you in spirit every step of the way.



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