A Snowy Day and the Kindness of Strangers

What a commute home…snowed all day (and if you know anything about the greater Vancouver area, that’s pretty much a disaster) so I left the office a few minutes earlier than usual to try and beat the rush. SkyTrain was no problem, got to my bus loop which is normally a 12 minute trip to my home, waited there over an hour only to learn no bus would be coming for a while cuz they were all stuck on hills in the snow.

Enter Rudy, a lovely man who was waiting at the loop for his wife to arrive by train, who offered me and another stranded passenger a ride home after we had decided to try and catch a cab and split the cost but we couldn’t get through to the cab company.

Two and a half hours after leaving work I finally got home (a trip that normally takes 30 minutes total), soaking wet and cold but I can’t complain. Rudy wouldn’t accept any money for his trouble and as he was helping Anja, my fellow stranded passenger get out of the car, I told his wife that her husband is a saint…she agreed. “A rare breed” she added.

Rudy, I’m not sure if our paths will ever cross again, but you are a prince among men, and you have my sincerest gratitude.



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