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America was already pretty great…

Seeing a friend on Facebook say that she felt so disgusted by the outcome of the election that she had to lower and take down her American flag shook me a little, even as a Canadian. I understand the sentiment, the emotional blow that this is for many of my friends, and as a Canadian, I too, am stunned. I do, however, hope that someday soon she’ll be able to proudly fly her flag again. Countries have flaws, but make no mistake there was no need to make America great again…it was already pretty great.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I fear for what’s ahead. It pains me to know that the first black President will have to transfer the Presidency to someone who was endorsed by the KKK; I can’t wrap my head around that and I doubt I ever will.  I can’t wrap my head around friends who are currently in the US military or government agencies and what they might be feeling about their soon to be new Commander in Chief. My hope is that this will galvanize those who are against bigotry, against hate, who are for women’s rights, LGBT rights and human rights to push back, to make sure that no one is left behind.

I know, who cares what a Canadian thinks (I’ve faced a lot of that during this election campaign and if you’re about to spew the same nonsense, save it) but I can’t endorse or applaud the new President-Elect…his campaign and the way he went about it goes against everything I believe in. I will however, support my friends who are angry, who are hurting and who right now, don’t feel they have a lot of hope.  Do not give up now my US friends…your biggest fight is yet to come.

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