“Springsteen in Seattle” 03/24/16

What a show. Almost 4 hours of pure joy! For me, one of the best I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a few. It was controlled but loose, static but spontaneous, if that makes any sense. LOL

Bruce’s voice was incredible, and after messing up early on on Crush on You I believe, they just seemed looser, and fed off the crowd more and more. He came to the back 3-4 times (we were in the pit, back rail), picked the majority of signs from there – there was a sign for Incident, but sadly he didn’t take it). And our friend Dennis even danced with Bruce! Was awesome!!

And c’mon, Eddie fucking Vedder joining in on Bobby Jean?!? 😎  My friend Nic and I screamed and jumped up and down like 12 year old girls when Eddie came out. LMAO!

What a special night…glad I made the short trek from Vancouver. If you get the chance to see a show, especial this tour celebrating The River album, go! Ya never know how long this train will be running.

Music is good for my soul.  Bruce and the E Street Band even moreso.  #TheRiverTour2016Seattle

A link to my pics is here.


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