Sad Anniversaries

A year ago this week, my family was rocked with the news that my oldest brother Andy had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. While it sometimes felt like the longest year, the shock of it all still resonates like it was yesterday.

I’d be lying if I said the pain had subsided because it hasn’t, but with each new day, you learn to cope a little better, and in the end, you hope that the memories, the good, fun, silly memories, will surpass the sadness. I hope and pray that my mom continues to be the strong woman she always has been even though no parent, at any age, should ever have to say goodbye to their child; there’s a sadness that I’m afraid probably will never go away for her. I hope and pray that my brother Peter, after time, will be able to erase the images that I know remain. I especially hope and pray that his daughters continue to pursue their dreams in the face of all their sadness; in the past year, one has graduated from University while the other received her Masters Degree and as each milestone passes, I know he is proudly smiling down at them.

How I wish I could turn back the clock to August 4, 2013. You’re missing, Andy. Everyday.


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