Life Just Sucks Sometimes

Life isn’t always fair or right or just and it often doesn’t make sense. Asking why just leads to more questions than answers, and the answers you do get are often never the answers you really want anyway.

The past week has been a very difficult one for my family – my oldest brother Andy passed away, of what we still don’t know for certain yet, and exactly when we don’t know either. Answers I suppose, will come soon enough, but they won’t change the fact that he’s gone, nor will it change the fact that my mom lost her son, my brother Peter and I lost our oldest brother, my sis-in-law and nieces and nephew lost their brother-in-law and Uncle, and most importantly, that his daughters lost their dad while they were continents away. To those of you who I shared the news with once I heard, your thoughts and prayers and support are forever appreciated. Thank you for respecting my wishes of keeping it to yourselves while we waited for my 13 year old niece to get home from Hawaii (she didn’t need to hear about her Uncle via social media first and she won’t be seeing this message for a while, so she can have a little time to absorb the news). As well, Andy’s girls didn’t need to be burdened with questions especially since they’re still so far away on vacation in South Africa.

As many people who know me know, I’m a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and have traveled far and near to see his concerts. Well, I took my brother Andy to see Bruce Springsteen in concert twice; the first time was during the solo Devils and Dust tour in 2005 and while he enjoyed it, he said afterwards that he’d really like to see a full E-Street Band show, so three years later, when Bruce returned to Vancouver with the band for the Magic tour, I took him again. The one song he wanted to hear most of all was The River. I’m so happy that he got his wish that night.

So, if you’re so inclined, as you listen to that performance of The River, please think of your family; if you have siblings nearby hug them, if they’re far away, give them a call. Life is too damn short to wait until tomorrow. ♥


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