NHL Playoffs Bring Out The Stupid



Figures, it would take the NHL playoffs to bring me back to this blog, but what can I say, there’s nothing like the playoffs!

While I do feel that the “official” anything representing an organization should remain neutral and professional, and my initial reaction was that it was troll baiting and kind of classless, the reaction to the @LAKings twitter account by some Canucks fans is so over the top, it’s downright embarrassing. No one even knew the LA Kings had a twitter account before this and now with one tweet, they’re “in the news”.


Everyone put your big hockey panties on and concentrate on either playing the game or supporting your team. 

Not all Canucks fans are idiots like the morons who are sounding off about the Kings’ tweets, but I’m sick of them being thought of as the majority of Canucks fans, by other teams’ fans and the media alike. The majority of Canucks fans aren’t the idiots reacting now nor or are they the ones who trashed the city last June, and I for one am sick and tired of being lumped in with those asshats.

It takes four wins to win a Series, and this one is far from over. The Canucks will have to play WAY better to come out of this one with 4 wins, but some people forget that this game can turnaround on a dime. I hope the @LAKings twitter dude knows how to spell karma cuz, more times than not, it has the potential to come back and bite ya on the ass.

Go Canucks Go! 


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  1. Steven Fisher on

    I though that LA Kings was way over the top and douchey, but it brought out the Vancouver douches in full force.

    As a Canucks and Heat fan and a regular at the Heat games, I’m used to seeing the Canucks fans from the other side a couple times per year. The level of ignorance and entitlement displayed is horrifying. My brother and I like to play a game called “Spot the counterfeit jerseys,” and you’d be amazed how bad some of them are. But the fans were them, proudly.

    Canucks fans deserve the trolling. We’re not all like that, I don’t even think the majority of us are, but you certainly wouldn’t know it from watching social media.

    On the other hand, I found the more recent LA Kings troll to be absolutely hilarious. Applause worthy, even.

    Now I hope the Canucks find their game in time to shove the attitude back down the Kings organization’s throat. 🙂

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