Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

Well the Olympics are just 5 days away, and while I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about the games coming here when we were first awarded them, I have to admit that as each day passes and we get closer to the Opening Ceremonies I am getting a little excited. Still not happy about the cost over-runs, our homeless and drug trade situations are still a mess and I don’t doubt that while you’ll see all the beautiful things Vancouver (and British Columbia) has to offer, you’ll also see some of the ugly.

In case you weren’t aware, there are some great websites to follow, first and foremost of course is the official Vancouver 2010 website:

Vancouver 2010

From there you can pretty much find out everything you need to know about the Vancouver Games, some interactive kids stuff to help your kids get involved, schedules, torch relay info, etc. I think I heard that Matt Lauer from NBC’s Today Show might be carrying the torch, I know they will be broadcasting live from atop Grouse Mountain during the Olympics so I know you guys in the U.S. will be getting a lot of coverage. For those of you living near the Canadian border and accustomed to watching the Olympics on CBC, be warned that CBC lost out on the rights to cover the Vancouver Games; CTV is the official Canadian broadcaster. That might mean you’ll be stuck with NBC’s coverage. 😆

For those of you who might actually be coming to Vancouver for the games, this site is a must:

Free Stuff to Do During the Games

It’ll point you in the direction of all the free events to check out while here, and given the cost of some of the events, free is very, very good.

Vancouver has slowly been restricting vehicle traffic to the downtown core and you should know there will be no parking near Olympic venues. Therefore, public transportation will be an important thing to know about, and since I work for the company responsible for public transportation, I can say we have a pretty good website to help you get where you’re going. They say waits for the Skytrain (aka subway) could be upwards of 1 to 2 hours, so plan your trips accordingly.


My VP and I made a deal that if I could go to Macworld in San Francisco, something I’ve done since 2002, which happens the week prior to the Olympics (I’ll miss the Opening Ceremonies), I would be an Olympic Transit Host – as he put it “tell people where to go”…he might live to regret that. 😉 I’ll be stationed at one of our Skytrain stations on the newly opened Canada Line, near the Curling venue…..with near being a 20 minute walk to the venue.

Of course the crowning glory of most Winter Olympics is the gold medal men’s ice hockey game, which will be played at GM Place, the home of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks – only don’t get confused; for the duration of the Olympics, GM Place will be known as Canada Hockey Place since GM is not one of the sponsors of the Olympics. That’s the one event I wish I could have gotten tickets to, but the cost was just too rich for my blood. I’m just glad my shift ends the day before that game so I can be screaming at my tv cheering on Canada (hopefully they’ll get in to the Gold medal game) and scaring my neighbours. It should be noted that during these Olympic games, the NHL sized rink will be used and not the international sized we’re used to for the Olympics, I think that might be a first.

You can read about that here: NHL Sized Ice for Vancouver 2010

Now if we could get some more snow on Cypress Mountain, the site of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, we’d be good to go!

Oh and if you are attending any events, bring Visa or Cash only; other credit cards and debit cards will NOT be accepted at Olympic venues or when purchasing souvenirs from the official Olympics “store within a store” at The Bay in downtown Vancouver.

Was born and raised in Vancouver, and while there are times I want to leave, there really is no place like it. Looking forward to writing about the Games here.

Welcome to Vancouver!


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